S&K Interagency Alert – 26 April 2013

Surf Camp for Indigenous Kids

Last week, Seven Mile Beach played host to a complimentary surf camp providing indigenous youths with a learn to surf experience. Coordinated by Surf Camp Australia and Surfing NSW, the camp was led by two accomplished surfing instructors, Sam and Mitch Douglass who grew up in Currarong, NSW and are both of Aboriginal descent.

Talking Realities Class of 2013-2014 Recruiting Now!

0912 Centrelink referral brochure TR – enrolling now

Social Enterprise Loans

Social enterprises are businesses that are set up to make money, both in not for profit and for profit structures, but not relying on grants and donations and have a strong social objective as their reason for operating.

DEEWR,  through the Social  Enterprise Development and Investment Fund, partnered with banks, philanthopic organisations and not for profits and selected  three fund managers. The aim is to improve access to finance and support for social enterprises to help them grow their business and increase the impact of their work in their communities. These are loans not grants, the fund managers also link into support through the partner organisations such as mentoring and capacity building in the enterprise.

The three fund managers set up in this framework are

  • Foresters Community Finance Funds
  • Social Enterprise Finance Australia (SEFA) •Social Ventures Australia – Social Impact Fund

They are worth a look, or at least to know that they are there.

Attached is a PDF flyer from SEFA


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