Parenting Teenagers Seminars

Below is a flyer for our up and coming Parenting Teenagers seminars to be held in the Warilla North Community Centre.

Please print and pass these out to parents and those who care for teenagers and forward this email on to your local contacts who also work with parents and families that have teenage kids.

Parenting Teenagers Seminar Common Ground

If you would like printed brochures they are available on request to

This series of three seminars will be held on Wednesday evenings May 22,  June 5 and June 19.  The material covered will be very practical, relevant and accessible to parents in our area.  While participating all three seminars is the most beneficial  each seminar is a stand-alone presentation and can be attended as such.

Chris Hudson, our presenter, has a wealth of knowledge and experience working with both teenagers and  those who raise them.  His experience and expertise are matched by his down to earth and very practical presentation style.  Chris believes that most adults want to connect with the teen’s in their lives and have a fair idea how to go about it.  However there are always questions, areas of uncertainty, new frontiers where the rules aren’t clear or seem to be constantly changing.  It is here that his insight is invaluable.

Common Ground is the community development initiative of  Warilla North Baptist Church.

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