Cert IV Training and Assessment

Cert IV Training and Assessment will be offered by WEA trainers with a Community Sector focus.

WEA have managed to successfully negotiate for funding for 6 of the 10 essential models to successfully complete this Qualification, Each attendee will be responsible for payment of administration fees and of the other 4 models, bringing the total of the course to only $900.00. This includes all materials.

We have negotiated that the majority of assessment tasks are completed in the class time so that minimal work has to be done outside of the day you are in training.

For successful completion of this program you will need to commit to 12 days attendance (unless RPL is negotiated with WEA trainer).

This training will begin the 22/7/2013. At this time training will be happening Tuesday or Thursday, the majority rules on this one.

If you would like to register as an attendee for this program, please contact:

Monique Ferguson

T: 4256 4333

M: 0417 393 766

E: monique@illawarraforum.org.au    

Course registration TAE

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