Charity Art Show to Support New Refugee Mothers’ Literacy Skills

Your donation to this year’s annual ART4refugees fundraiser will help ensure refugee mothers with young children don’t miss out on English classes, a critical component of the resettlement process.  This innovative program is to be run by the award-winning Wollongong charity SCARF (Strategic Community Assistance to Refugee Families).

“Mothers of infant children often have to forego attendance at English classes for 12-24 months as they care for their child”, SCARF program coordinator Sharyn Mackenzie said. “This program will impact them in a targeted and positive way by addressing their specific language and child care requirements in its program design”.

ART4refugees will be held this year at The Illawarra Grammar School (TIGS) over the weekend of 27th to 29th September.  Organisers are now calling for donations of art works and will happily accept paintings, photographs, sculpture, textiles, jewellery and ceramics.  Artworks can be donated by the artist themselves or by someone wanting a piece they own to go to a new home.

Artists include ceramicist Susan Smith (pictured), whose works are a sell out every year, as well as works by Paul Ryan, Sallie Moffatt and Idris Murphy.
For more information see

Benita Andrews 0417 166 011
Jane Coburn  0402 888 126

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