Women’s Health Diverse Sexualities Project Officer Position

An exciting opportunity exists to work with ACON, in partnership with the Women’s Health Service ISLHD, to promote the health and wellbeing of lesbians and same sex attracted women living in the Illawarra and Shoalhaven regions through the development and implementation of innovative and contextually appropriate health promotion and education strategies in an effort to reduce the prevalence of and risk factors associated with poorer health outcomes for the population group in focus.

Please find attached the advertisement in PDF version for the part-time position of Women’s Health Diverse Sexualities Project Officer and essential contact details, should those interested require further information.

ISLHD – Women’s Diverse Sexualities Oct 2013 – final

In addition, is the Illawarra Mercury advertisement for the position. Please note, applications close 5pm Monday 28 October 2013.


Following up to clarify usage of the link – The Illawarra Mercury classifieds link goes directly to the ‘Deaths and Funerals’ homepage – very unfortunate, however if you use the drop down box on this page and look for ‘jobs’ for ‘Saturday’(another drop down box option), this will take to directly to the page.

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