Desperate Times | Your Help Needed

A desperate situation has arisen!

Nick Guggisberg has been doing the right and proper manly thing for Movember. Following the hormone injections he has been able to develop some facial hair!!

In an effort to affirm his visible manliness a  couple of us sponsored him as an act of encouragement and suggested (dared!) him to keep it on to the next interagency meeting which is now on the horizon.

But he is faltering!  He needs more encouragement – let’s be honest and call it money – bribery, blackmail if you must.

He writes…

7031bf2e1ec54a2edec87cd8263ffc64-5289381430accI have to say that I hate this Mo, but I’m prepared to keep it if and only if the money keeps flowing. So far, there are the only two members of the Interagency who have made a donation, and our deal came after those generous donations. So what I’m declaring is that unless I receive a donation from someone else from the interagency by the end of today, then I will declare our deal null and void and go back to a clean face (fingers crossed!). Donations can be made up until the 10th of Dec, so unless the donations flow, the Mo goes!

Our bribery has now been matched by Nick’s extortionate blackmail.  None the less, in an effort to support men’s health and to keep him to his promise I challenge members of the interagency to not give him opportunity to get off the hook and to make a  donation – here

Brian Pember, Intergancy and Steering Group Member

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