Save our Services Wollongong

Save our Services Wollongong are organising a Protest Rally outside Wollongong City Council in a bid to stop Wollongong City Council’s service cuts.

At Monday night’s Council meeting on 9 December, Wollongong City Councillors will vote on proposals to cut or close community services, facilities and increase rates and fees.

Councillors will be asked to make these far reaching decisions following the recently rushed ‘Financial Sustainability Review’ and the recommendations of the so-called Citizen’s Panel.

The Wollongong community has not been properly consulted. Save our Services Wollongong are inviting you to come along and send a clear message to Councillors before they vote. They are asking Council to conduct an expert fully independent review of its financial situation in consultation with service users before it asks the community to pay more for less


Details of the protest are as follows:

Date: Monday 9th of December, 2013

Time: 5pm (before the Council meeting at 6.00pm)

Venue: 41 Burelli Street, Wollongong


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