Rites of Passage | Commercial Screening

Exciting news! Rites of Passage is getting a commercial screening run at the Gala Cinema in Warrawong. Starting this Thursday 12th December, every day at 4:50 except Sun and Wed.

We are hoping you might be able to help us spread the word. It would be fantastic to make these screenings a success. It will encourage our cinemas to see that people will get behind locally made stories and films.

So please, pass on this email to your friends, colleagues, family and anyone else you might know. Encourage them to get and see this locally made film that has been getting screenings and awards at international film festivals and touring around Australia.

Here is the link to the Gala website where you can find more information and ticket prices.

http://www.galacinema.com/movie/rites of passage

2013-12-13 10_24_54-Rites of Passage Synopsis Flyer 131008_2.pdf - Adobe Reader

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