Interagency Changes

2014-02-14 11_53_45-Publication1 - Microsoft Publisher - Print PublicationWe have some exciting news for the Interagency previously known at Shellharbour and Kiama Interagency!

At the Interagency meeting held yesterday, members agreed to expand the Interagency to include the whole of the Illawarra region.

We will now be called the Illawarra Interagency.

This means Wollongong will now be included on our meeting location schedule and also that we will be welcoming fellow work mates from Wollongong and Shoalhaven to our meetings.

The name change has been made on the blog site and while you will still find the blog using the old address we also have a new address

This is an exciting change to the Interagency and so at our next meeting on 10th April 2014 at Kiama, we invite you to ‘Bring a Friend’ from Wollongong or Shoalhaven.

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