Sponsorship Grants | CRC


The purpose of the Sponsorship Grants category is to support events and activities that foster community cohesion and promote the benefits of a multicultural society.  It provides public support by the New South Wales Government to multiculturalism and the value of cultural diversity.

Applications are not sought through public advertisement outside the Commission’s website.

Priority areas for Sponsorship Grants

Projects supported under this category are:

  • the hosting of seminars and conferences
  • multicultural, inter-community and inter-faith forums
  • local festivals and major cultural events such as exhibitions and concerts
  • teaching craft skills to target groups from culturally diverse backgrounds.


The sponsorship fund provided by the Commission is a nominal amount, typically in the order of $1,000 to $2,000, to indicate support of the activity by the Commission. It is not provided to facilitate the financial viability of the event.

The Commission will accept applications for Sponsorship Grants all year round for consideration and approval at its monthly meetings. It will also introduce a risk management approach to grants of $1,000 or less aimed at making the auditing and administrative requirements more efficient and cost effective for both the recipient and the Commission.

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