Sage ID Professional Focus Groups

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The Facts:

  • The life expectancy for people with Intellectual Disability (ID) is increasing dramatically, ensuring a rapidly expanding group of elders with ID.
  • Compared with non-ID peers, people with ID are at increased risk of health and mental health issues, which often deteriorate as they age.
  • This puts  pressure on services to respond to the needs of this population, which is continuing to grow.

Focus Group info:

The Successful Ageing in Intellectual Disability (SAge-ID) study is calling for professionals who are involved in the care and support of people with ID or have experience of working with adults with ID.

We are conducting focus groups , asking professionals to come together across service sectors and share their experiences of these issues.

We hope that together we can build a complete picture of the needs of the ID and family carer population and generate ideas on how we can respond effectively to this ageing group of individuals.

Successful Focus Groups in Sydney

We have already successfully conducted focus groups with professionals in the Sydney area. The information we collected from these discussions was valuable to the study, and the feedback we received from participants was encouraging. We are currently approaching professionals in the  Illawarra and Shoalhaven areas for a regional focus on the challenges facing this population.

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