Illawarra Interagency | February Minutes

Attended | Karen Chisnall, Louise Croker, Meg McCaughey, Kevin Cassanego, Rod Chinnery, Sharon Parker, Jen Kearns, Julie Parkinson, Amanda Hill, Jess Foster, Nicole Flynn, Lyn Lamb, Michael Williamson, Katie Murphy, Bertha Quiros, Brian Pember, Andrew Adams, Anne Marie Sharkey, Robyn Tindall, Jenny Norman, Janine Cable, Carol Lymbery, Tracy Venaglia, Bob Purcell, Lisa O’Grady, Michelle Miran, Elaine Hudson, Melissa Hedger, Cheryl Pearce, Christine Wade, Marlene Calleja

Apologies | Robert Meikle, Danielle Ribergaard, Chris Jenson, Irina Bruckner, Gabriela Martinez, Natalie Delves, Emma Rodrigues, Vanessa Ford, Jonathan Hyratt, Josh Hammann, Kerry Wilcock, Alanna Bastin-Byrne, Anthony Scerri, Sarah Little, Michael Norris, Debbie Magyar, Daniela Pyper, Tammy Johnston, Sue Savage, Maureen Wren, Charles Gibson, Gillian Smith, Jodi Keast, Ian McClintock, Tim Counter, Megan Smith, Lindy Frampton, Elizabeth Marando, Justine Bridge, Katie Fox

Actions and Decisions from Meeting

  1. Develop a funding diary on Shellharbour Connect. This will allow community groups and organisations to have access to the same information in one central location – Steering Committee to discuss funding opportunities at meetings that can be added to the funding diary
  2. Give Interagency participants an opportunity to raise specific issues at meetings and allow them to discuss the issues within the group activity time if necessary or arrange a separate issues based meeting.
  3. Request all Interagency members to bring a friend along to Interagency meetings to increase participation.
  4. Employee social media tools to increase positive storytelling within the community and across the sector. Encourage Interagency members to use social media tools such as instagram and flipagram to promote positive storytelling.
  5. Request Illawarra Forum and RDA to be involved in the Illawarra Interagency and present for 5 minutes each at the Interagency meetings.
  6. Investigate opportunities for Digital Enterprise Training through RDA

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