Hep ABC’s | Workshop

Registrations are now open for the one day workshop ‘Hep ABCs’ to be held Tuesday 17th June 2014 be held at the Coolangatta Estate, Shoalhaven Heads http://www.coolangattaestate.com.au/

The HARP Unit are pleased to offer this training in partnership with the First Step Needle & Syringe Programme and Hepatitis NSW.

This FREE, popular training books up quickly, so please click on the link in the attached flyer to register.

This workshop provides participants with current information on tattooing and piercing, Hepatitis A B & C, Testing and treatment for Hepatitis C, an introduction to what a needle & syringe provider does and where your nearest outlets are and a range of activities and free resources. The event also includes a C-een & Heard speaker – where a person living with hepatitis C will discuss and speak about their experiences.

What other people are saying:

Increased my knowledge of Hep C and its effect on people living with this disease- guest speaker was amazing

I am going to incorporate this into The Safe Living unit in Year 9, safe tattooing practices, including Hep C risk

I will encourage colleagues to attend your workshops

Excellent! Thought provoking and relevant information about the social costs of HCV infection on a personal level.

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