Homelessness Project

Picture1The joint Shellharbour TAFE, Wollongong Homelessness Hub project is highlighting a need for stable and secure accommodation for thousands of people in the Illawarra.

At this time thousands of people are homeless or are at risk of homelessness and relying on support to keep a roof over their heads. Even more concerning is that over 50% of these people are children and young people.

The project will be holding an event on 7th June 2014 along the North Beach foreshore.

The event will start at 4pm and continue til 7pm ending with those present lighting up a SOS sign on North Beach. The SOS is a symbolic plea to ‘light the night for homelessness’.

Homelessness and unaffordable housing requires immediate attention. The event will be focused on the needs of the families and children who are homeless. We are asking people to contribute through family activity and celebration. The group have some project activity ideas that range for all ages, such as entertainment and food stalls just to name some.

Are you able to:

  1. Have a food stall at the event
  2. Have a space where we can sell the candles (you will receive a sticker for your business in return)
  3. Champion our event by promoting to those you know
  4. Come along on the night and light candles with us
  5. Perform at the afternoon/eventing event
  6. Advertise the event
  7. Provide goods for sale or give away at the event
  8. Support the project in another way we hadn’t thought of.

We invite you to consider supporting us as you may be interested in contributing to the support of our local homeless. There is great need for awareness around homelessness, and contributing financial aid. In order to hold this event we need your support. Your donation would be put toward an extremely beneficial event for the disadvantaged of all walks of life.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me on 0418484301 to discuss your donation and sponsorship further.

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