COTA NSW | Consumer Surveys

COTALet’s talk about where you live!

COTA NSW is seeking your opinion about housing.

Every year COTA NSW surveys people over 50 around NSW about the policy issues that affect their everyday lives.

Housing is a hot topic in NSW. We are asking people aged 50 and over about where they are living, and where they hope to live as they age.

Can you afford to stay living where you are or do you think you’ll either want, or need to move to another community in the future?

Have you ever thought about whether the house you are living now will still suit your needs as you grow older?

Click here to tell us how you feel about your housing options in terms of affordability, availability and design.

The information you provide in this survey will be used to inform our policy and advocacy efforts. By completing our survey, you’ll help us pinpoint emerging issues and shape current debates about housing in NSW in years to come.

To learn more about COTA NSW go to or call COTA NSW on (02) 9286 3860.

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