Help Make Kiama Dementia – Friendly

Kiama Council has recently partnered with Alzheimer’s Australia and the University of Wollongong to start to create one of Australia’s first dementia-friendly communities in Kiama.

Together we’ve formed Kiama’s Local Dementia Alliance and we’re seeking local people with dementia to be involved in the project.

We also invite carers, community groups, organisations and businesses to contact us to see how they can be a part of this exciting initiative.

What’s a dementia-friendly community?

It’s a place that supports people living with dementia to be empowered, respected, supported and engaged in community life.

Dementia isn’t just a medical condition, it has a profound social impact on people living with dementia and those who are living with them.

What makes a community dementia friendly?

Examples include:

  1. businesses that employ staff who are trained to understand and communicate effectively with people with dementia
  2. volunteering or employment opportunities for people with dementia
  3. memory cafes
  4. participation in dementia-friendly community groups such as choirs and walking groups.

How can I contribute?

You can:

  1. join Kiama’s new Local Dementia Alliance
  2. help the alliance to identify dementia-friendly and unfriendly places, buildings and spaces around Kiama
  3. participate in an interview that will provide us with information about living with dementia or living with a person who has dementia.

For more information or to get involved contact Kylie Watkins at or (02) 6278 8934.

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