Tender Funerals | Crowd Funding

Tender funerals is a social enterprise which will provide affordable funeral services for the community.

We will empower people to make choices which are aligned with their values and their budgets. When someone dies there are many ways to express love and celebrate memory that have  nothing to do with the cost of a coffin or an expensive funeral.

A documentary has been made about what we are trying to create at Port and the reasons its so important.

The film is called Tender and was screened on the ABC last week but is still available on Iview if you missed it http://iview.abc.net.au/programs/tender/DO1126H001S00 .

It is a beautiful film which was given a standing ovation at a recent screening at the Sydney Film Festival. Link to the trailer http://www.tenderdocumentary.com.au/#trailer

This is a project that has the capacity to create community at a time when a lot of people feel alone. We are using a crowd funding platform to raise the $200,000 we need to setup a facility, buy a van and employ a like minded funeral director. We have a  business model which if we achieve our crowd funding target is completely viable. This is a project which we believe has the potential to impact the way we as a community think about death and dying and we are passionate about facilitating a process which not only helps but is healing.

To date we have raised nearly $28,000 In order to help us  meet our target, which we have 20 days to meet we are asking people to make a pledge right now!All donations are tax deductible. Crowd funding is a very transparent method of fundraising because if we don’t reach our min target there is no transaction.

Please visit startsomegood.com/tenderfunerals to see the campaign and make your pledge.

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