Illawarra Forum – New Staff

The Illawarra Forum is happy to welcome some new members into our team.

Alice Cole has taken on a new Project Officer role. Alice will be working with people living in social housing to promote healthy lifestyles.

David Robinson is the new HACC Multicultural Access Project Officer. David will be working with HACC services to ensure they are accessible and appropriate for people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Kerri Webster is taking on a new role as Workforce Development Project Officer. Kerri will be working with HACC and Aged Care organisations to improve workforce attraction and retention, planning and development.

Sarah Gadd joins the Forum as the Resource and Development Officer. She will work on core Forum business of supporting and resourcing community organisations, fostering industry development and promoting social justice.

We are very proud to have such experienced and knowledgeable people joining our team who bring some wonderful skills and assets to the Forum, and to the industry we serve.


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