Picture1Some of you would have seen or heard about Beyond Empathy’s Youth Film Project Rites of Passage, which was produced by young people in the Illawarra and took out a Special Jury Prize at the 2013 Warsaw Film Festival as well as screening in Brazil, Cyprus, USA, Canada, Finland and in 20 cities around Australia.

BE is working on a new film project collaborating with children under 12 and their families, many of whom live in public housing. Over the next three years, the children, their families, neighbours and broader community will be producing images and short narrative video material that will be animated to look like hand made lead pencil sketches, water colour paintings, screen prints, charcoal, chalk and coloured pencil drawings. The project is telling stories about childhood and growing respect… and this is your first chance to see what this project is producing.

You are invited to the launch of this project at the Gala Cinema on Wednesday 3rd December 5 pm – 6 pm. We are hoping that you can come, and that you can share this invitation through to your colleagues, friends and networks.

The children involved in Beyond Empathy’s Film Project, will host this event, screen some short scenes and trailers that show their work… and it would be great to get them a good audience and boost their confidence.

(PS. All the material screened at the launch is suitable for a General or G rating type audience)

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