Volunteering: A community conversation and workshops

Your invitation

You are all invited to participate in community conversations on volunteering to be held across NSW from Monday 20 April to Thursday 7 May, both face to face and online.

These workshops will be jointly hosted by local organisations and The Centre for Volunteering and supported by NSW Volunteering (Department of Education and Communities).


The 21st Century is bringing changes to our communities, families and the way we volunteer. These conversations will explore:

  • What does it mean to volunteer today
  • What kind of experience do we want as volunteers?
  • How is that different from what we experience at the moment as volunteers?
  • What are some of the things that need to happen in our community for volunteers to get the experience they want?
  • If we came back together in 6 months or a year, what might we see which would tell us that the things we talked about today were starting to happen?

The outcome of these conversations influenced by your invaluable contribution will help guide local action on improving the volunteer experience, and will contribute to national conversations on defining and strengthening volunteering.

When and Where

To attend, please click on one of the sessions below to register for the consultation session near you:

Volunteering Australia – drafts and surveys

Volunteering Australia has released draft material and is conducting online surveys from now until mid-April as part of the review of The National Standards for Working with Volunteers and the Definition of Volunteering.

For more information, visit www.volunteeringaustralia.org

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