Join WHO Instagram campaign #YearsAhead and help combat ageism

The launch of the first ever World report on ageing and health provided a fantastic opportunity to talk about the fundamental changes, not just in the way that health care is delivered, but also in society as a whole, that are needed if we are all to have the freedom, as we age, to live life as we choose.

A comprehensive Global strategy and action plan on ageing and health, \is under development and will outline the key actions over the next five years for WHO,

In the lead-up to the global consultation on the strategy and action plan on 29-30 October in Geneva, we are launching an Instagram campaign #YearsAhead to help build public engagement on this issue.

Those who are #YearsAhead in age make important contributions to families, communities and societies. There is no typical older person and how we experience older age depends on our health, our environment and how we perceive the #YearsAhead.

You can help change how ageing and older age are perceived. Here’s how.

Start by posting a photo of yourself, or of someone you know (if they give  permission) embracing older age or challenging common misconceptions about ageing, on Instagram or Twitter, using the hashtag #YearsAhead. Kick-starting the campaign is Helmut Wirz, who discovered bungee-jumping at the age of 75, and held the record as the oldest bungee jumper in the world for many years.

Also please help us get the word out by informing your networks of about the campaign.

We will be posting our favourites on the @WorldHealthOrganization Instagram account regularly up until the end of 2015.

We look forward to seeing some great photos

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