Free Training March

Illawarra ForumIllawarra Forum have some great *FREE  training opportunities in March.

Availability in some sessions are now limited, bookings asap are advised.

Please note: In order to secure your booking, please print your confirmation ticket and bring it on the day, those that do not bring confirmation maybe asked to attend an alternative session if available.

Attendance Guarantee: A $50 cancellation fee will be charged if you or someone in your place does not attend the session and we have not been notified

Thursday 10th March at The Illawarra Forum

1x day -WH&S and Addressing Behaviours of Concern

Book here

Facilitator: Adam Holstein MDS

Course Content:

  1. WH&S Requirements:
    • Identifying hazards
    • Hierarchy of control
    • Emergency Situations
    • Infection control
    • Use of personal protective equipment
    • Importance of near misses
    • Incident reporting
  2. Behaviours of concern:
    • Identifying behaviours of concern and how understanding the client can help our responses to the behaviour
    • How our attitude and self-control mechanisms function
    • Identify stressors and the emotions of clients and its impact on behaviours
    • Ensuring a person centered approach.

Tuesday 15th March at The Illawarra Forum

1x day-Workplace Change, ‘What’s so good about change anyway?’

Book here

Facilitator: Michelle Lindau MDS

Course Content:

  • The basics of Change Management Theory
  • Exploring why change is so hard-Exploring the barriers
  • Getting past the fear, negativity and resistance-do people really ‘hate’ change?
  • Thinking about authorship-empowering others through change
  • How do we ‘invite’ others to the party?
  • How do we communicate change and build cohesion?
  • What has change got to do with continuous improvement?
  • How do we ‘imbed’ change into workplace culture?
  • Making it personal-how does this impact me and what is my response?

Tuesday 22nd March at The Illawarra Forum

1x day-Mentoring (in the Workplace)

Book here

Facilitator Michelle Lindau MDS

Course Content:

  • What is mentoring?
  • The role of the mentor
  • What is needed to be an effective mentor?
  • Benefits of mentoring
  • Types of mentoring
  • How to implement a mentoring program in the workplace.

Tuesday 29th March at Anglicare Nowra 1-4pm | Limited places available!

3 hour information session- Improving Skills in Recognising and responding to the Abuse of Older People

For Frontline Workers

Book here

Facilitator: Mary Ciantar NSW Elder Abuse Hotline and Resource Unit.

Info Session Content:

  • Explore the societal context of elder abuse and the rights of older people
  • Identify elder abuse types and signs
  • Examine the complexity of elder abuse, and barriers to recognising and reporting
  • Understand duty of care and appropriate action to take when elder abuse is disclosed, witnessed or suspected
  • Learn how to respond to reports of alleged abuse
  • Find out where to go for advice and assistance
  • Participants receive a Certificate of Attendance and a comprehensive Resource Pack to take away.

2 thoughts on “Free Training March

  1. Hi, I’m just wondering if it’s still possible to book into the Change management workshop tomorrow?

    Thanks, Stacey Lewis 0431494167 ________________________________

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