Illawarra Forum Annual Training and Events Calendar

The Illawarra Forum is delighted to be bringing you our first annual training calendar. This exciting calendar offers training and professional development opportunities for our members and others working in the community services industry.

Click here to download the calendar.

Our training this year is based on feedback and input from our members, and the team at the Illawarra Forum have worked hard to bring you a wide variety of workshops and events targeted to the needs of the industry locally.

We see the training calendar as a dynamic space and new opportunities will be added as the need arises, but we hope that having a full year’s calendar at your fingertips will give you the chance to plan your professional development for the year ahead.

The Illawarra Forum is also working on developing a webinar platform, so we hope to be able to bring some of our training to you remotely. We also hope to bring webcasts and podcasts which can be accessed at times to suit you. Keep your eyes out for more about these exciting developments.

For more information visit the website or call ph 42564333

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