Kurt Brereton’s art exhibition.

You are invited to Kurt Brereton’s art exhibition.

12th November 2016 – 21st January 2017 (Main & Central Galleries) 12 Berry Street, Nowra http://www.shoalhavenartscentre.com.au/

This exhibition focuses on Brereton’s Test Results Hepatitis C paintings This upcoming November exhibition includes the full set of paintings plus new works done in response to the new Hepatitis C treatment drug treatment.

This exhibition brings together time-based 2D, 3D and video works created over the last few years since Brereton moved to Currarong, on the coast near Nowra

Incorporating highlights from his recent Test Results anti-viral series, Coal to Coral and Chronography series, Brereton will unveil a number of large scale 3D works incorporating sea-glass lightboxes and his latest direction, of embroidered paintings.

This show is concerned with how we encounter, and make sense of, key events in our lives and how these current events are informed by past influences and future desires. Life is a constant flow of productions that we uniquely construct out of the DNA cultural, social and historical cards we are dealt and the opportunities they afford us. Every ball of string has a few surprise knots waiting for us in it”.

For Brereton, life, when it is actively engaged with, is an assemblage of creative productions, that necessarily occur beyond representation. That is, art must, by definition, sit outside comfortable pictorial recognitions. Art is a performance of events and signs that offers us the possibility to think and feel differently about the world and therefore ourselves. Genealogy is the study of DNA map lines back in time. Biographs on the other hand are, for Brereton, events we fashion out of the fragmentary fictions of reality that make us tribal beings as much as free agents determining our own unique futures. For more information http://www.kurtbrereton.com/

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