Life Happens

A new game ‘Life Happens’ that aims to explore relationships, sexuality and sexual health and get young people talking, is now available to order.

‘Life Happens’ costs $88.00 each, including postage to Australian destinations & 10% GST for Australian customers.

‘Life Happens’ uses a life-size human body template and a series of scenarios and challenges to guide its characters through a relationship or navigate a sexual health issue. The characters are not assigned a gender, it is up to the participants to decide which gender they want the character to be.

Check out the ‘Life Happens’ Life Cards designed by UOW’s third-year graphic design students(attached). Participants are able to discuss the risks and issues and pose hypothetical questions without feeling as if their own vulnerabilities are being laid bare.

Created by Associate Professor Kate Senior, from University of Wollongong’s School of Health and Society, in collaboration with the HARP Unit,  ‘Life Happens’ is a unique, interactive way of helping young people aged 15 to 25 to break down the barriers often associated with life happening.

If you would like to secure a game(s) please fill out the attached order form and return to:


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