Black Dog Institute Survey

The Black Dog Institute are currently recruiting and aim to produce best practice guidelines for people who have attempted suicide and presented to the emergency department or PEC. We are aiming to have at least 50% of participants be people with lived experience, as well as advocates in the area of suicide prevention, health practitioners and allied health workers.

The survey will be administered in 3 phases spaced 4 weeks apart and the link to the questionnaire will be sent out during the first week of February. They are currently taking down the details of people who are interested in participating and will send them a link to our first questionnaire when it becomes available online.

It would be appreciated if you could help circulate this invitation and participant information statement to your relevant colleagues, or with any person with lived experience of suicide and/or mental health that you may have contact with through your role.

You will also see the contact details for Nicole Hill below. Nicole is the Research Assistant working on the Delphi study who I encourage you to contact if you have any additional questions:

Nicole Hill
02  9382 8322

Further information can be found here on the LifeSpan website:



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