The Dried Blood Spot (DBS) HIV test is a free, easy and private way to test for HIV, at home.

Why have a HIV test?
HIV is a treatable condition.  The first step to living a health life with HIV is to get tested. Most people who are living with HIV may not be aware that they have had the condition for many years.  The only way to find out, is by having a test.

Who is the DBS HIV test for?
DBS HIV testing is for people who may be at risk of HIV, but who find it difficult to have a HIV test at a health service.  This may be because of embarrassment or difficulty with needles or getting to an appointment.  DBS HIV testing is for people living in New South Wales (NSW), who are over 16 years old.  Currently the test is available to men who have had sex with men; people who were born in a region where HIV is more common (Africa or Asia); or people who have had a sexual partner from one of these regions. If you don’t fit within one of these groups, having a HIV test at a health service may be more suitable. For more information on other HIV testing services, call the NSW Sexual Health Link on 1800 451 624, or if you have a doctor you normally see, you could ask them about HIV testing.

How does it work?
You order the DBS HIV test online and it arrives by post so you can do it where and when you like.
To order a kit visit  The  test works by placing some small drops of blood from your finger onto a test card.  You will then send the test card back in the reply paid envelope. Your blood will be tested and a nurse will give you your HIV result in about a week. Click here to watch a 6 minute video on how to do the test.

HIV Test

DBS Test Kit

The result of your DBS test will usually be ready in a week.  A nurse from Sexual Health Infolink will contact you with your results.  You can choose how you would like to receive your results, either by SMS, email or phone.  If your result shows that you may have HIV infection, the nurse will help you to find a clinic to visit.

Is this confidential?
This website and the information collected for the DBS HIV test is protected and will be kept confidential. Your information and personal details will only be available to health care workers directly involved in your care.

For more information visit:

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