Target Early Intervention Update

As we advised at the TEI Guideline Information Sessions held in May we are keen to come and speak about the TEI reform at any interagencies or meetings.

Please contact Bronwyn Leighton Phone: 4222 2010 or myself Phone: 4222 8444 if you need further information.

The TEI Consultation Committee was set up in October 2016 and this group has been meeting regularly to support the reform and guide the planning involved.

Each of the committee members represent a section of the TEI service system. Committee members keep the groups they are representing informed on the reform progress and provide feedback from these groups to the committee.

We are currently in the process of developing a broad Illawarra Shoalhaven Service System Response (SSR) to the TEI Program. This SSR is based on vulnerability data, information from the Service Provider Planning Days held in March, information from consultations and planning principles that are in line with the TEI program.


Once the broad Service System Response has been developed it will forwarded to TEI services for feedback.

Next Steps

We willing be working with you to develop Place Based Plans.

This will involve services that are working in a priority location or with a distinct group coming together to plan for that location or group. This plan will be influenced by the outcomes that we want to achieve in that location (or with that group), the Service System Response Plan and the current service system.


As part of the development of the Place Based Plan you will be asked to consult with your community and clients.

This will not be a quick process and will involve us working closely together to develop Place Based Plans that are responsive to the communities we are working in.

Aattached are the following documents for your information


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