FilmDUE TO POPULAR DEMAND we are VERY excited to invite you to the Encore Screening of Protection (Work In Progress)

Protection is a film about childhood. Made by children who live in public housing areas in the Illawarra, and produced by arts organisation Beyond Empathy.

Sunday 6th August, 4pm-7pm
Gala Cinemas, Cowper St, Warrawong
The screening is absolutely FREE by invite, but there are limited seats available. To put your name on the door contact Phil on 0427 697 173 or email

Please note our Attendance Guarntee Policy. This event is FREE if you ask for an invitation. However if you, or someone in your place does not attend we will charge you $15 for every seat you leave unoccupied. There will be more people wanting to attend this event than there are seats… so do not keep someone else from attending if you do not guarentee to fill one.

The film will be shown in two parts, with a 15min intermission.

The kids have been working on this film for 4 years. Telling stories that crossover from fiction to reality. Stories that make you think, make you laugh, make you cry and give you warm fuzzies. Stories that ask questions like: What would you do if your friend was in trouble? What would happen if you stole money from your Mum, if you were caught in the middle of someone else’s conflict or if you knew someone was cheating? What happens when someone close to you passes away? How do you stand up for what you believe in?

Stories told by kids, from a kids perspective.

The film material is complete, and it looks fantastic…but we think it could look and sound even better.

There are animation techniques that we would love to include, but would require a lot more person-power to achieve them This is where you might come in.

In our follow-up crowd funding campaign, launching in the coming months, we will be calling on all our friends to become animators (don’t worry, its not tricky) as well as trying to raise some more funds to send our cast to schools and communities around the country to show their film and spread the messages of Protection to other kids. Letting them know that they are valued. That they have the right to feel safe, and to be seen and heard.

We all appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you there.
This is guaranteed to be an evening to remember. 

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