New Domestic Violence Programs

In 2015, Commonwealth Bank put in place a strategy to be part of a movement to end domestic and family violence in a generation.

Domestic and family violence is a widespread problem in Australia, found in every community, regardless of gender, sexual orientation and identity, education, cultural background and income. The crime, which predominantly affects women and children, is believed to affect one in four women in Australia, many of whom also suffer financial abuse at the hands of partners or other family members.

Following consultation with community, government, business and academic stakeholders, Commonwealth Bank is proud to launch our Domestic & Family Violence Emergency Assistance Package in partnership with Rape and Domestic Violence Services and Telstra.

This important and unique partnership will provide emergency relief in crisis situations for those customers leaving a domestic and family violence situation.

This relief includes:

  • Ensuring our customers have access to a 24-hour confidential counselling service on 1800 222 387, a helpline managed by Rape and Domestic Violence Services, which specialises in domestic and family violence. Independent counsellors can assess the customer’s needs to ensure their safety and provide the right support, including referrals to the relevant essential support services.
  • Depending on their circumstances, customers will be provided with access to an Emergency Assistance Package, including a Commonwealth Bank pre-paid debit card up to $1,000; a mobile phone and data package from Telstra; and up to $500 in vouchers for groceries and other essentials.

In recent months, the Bank has also provided significant funding to improve financial counselling skills, and has teamed up with a number of domestic and family violence agencies to produce and distribute the Addressing Financial Abuse Community Resource Guide.


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