New Resource to Counter Hate

homequoteMinister for Multiculturalism Ray Williams today launched the website, Remove Hate from the Debate, which hosts positive tools and techniques to help young people identify hate speech and understand how to best respond.

Recent data shows 53 per cent of people aged 12 to 17 in Australia have seen or heard hateful comments about cultural or religious groups online.

Mr Williams said many young people want to take positive action when confronted with hateful comments online, but not everyone knows what to do.

“Everyone is entitled to live a life free of hate and this includes in the online space.

“We have developed a series of tools and techniques to support youth who may be confronted with hate speech online, including ten tips to counter hate.

“We know hate speech is on the rise online and how damaging exposure to this can be to young peoples’ self-esteem, sense of belonging and identity.

“NSW is one of the most successful multicultural states and the envy of the world. We all need to work together to maintain our harmonious society,” Mr Williams said.

Remove Hate from the Debate Ambassador and Sydney siege survivor, Jarrod Morton-Hoffman, said the campaign is about challenging these statistics.

“Evidence shows when people are faced with racism, hostility or hateful thinking, they are likely to react with a hateful response,” Mr Morton-Hoffman said.

“If you take stock and respond with compassion or empathy, you are more likely to change the dynamic in a positive way and break the cycle of hate.”

To learn about tools and techniques to counter hate speech and take the Remove Hate From The Debate pledge go to:

Remove Hate From The Debate Information Kit (002)

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