CAddyShack Awards 2017 Winners

Congratulations to all individuals and services who were nominated for the 2017 CaddyShack Awards. The number of individuals, services and projects dedicated to improving the sexual health and well-being of individuals and communities across the Illawarra and Shoalhaven is amazing.

Though too many to list, to all who were nominated, we thank you for all that you are doing, and encourage you to keep up the great work.

It is with great pleasure the HIV and Related Programs (HARP) Unit, in partnership with Healthy Cities Illawarra and the Illawarra announce the winners of the 2017 CaddyShack Awards!

And the winners are….

Outstanding achievement – Encouragement Award Winner: Rubi Curran, Sentral Youth Centre, Kiama Municipal Council. The CaddyShack Awards judging panel were impressed by Rubi’s commitment to young women. Rubi works closely with female students from Kiama High School, running a successful young women’s program. Rubi has partnered with HARP to present as part of the program, as is committed to young women receiving information and awareness about sexual health and relationships.

Outstanding achievement – Service Award Winner: South Coast Aboriginal Medical Service has been working in partnership with the Harp Unit and the First Step  Program to establish and maintain a Needle & Syringe service to the Aboriginal and broader community at their service. They have three means of supplying clean injecting equipment to their clients and the community via the in service cupboard, home deliveries and an Automatic Dispensing Machine on the outside of their building. They also have a disposal bin out the front of their building for returns.

Outstanding achievement – Project Award Winner: South Coast Writers Centre (SCWC) is a not-for-profit organisation that offers professional development, networks and resources for writers and readers on the South Coast and Southern Highlands of New South Wales.  The SCWC have been collaborating with the HARP Unit since 2012 to create writing competitions, slam poetry events and various written and expressive workshops around the themes of HIV, sexual health and healthy relationships. While most of the partnership has centred on World AIDS Day, the SCWC have also created standalone projects with HARP and the Illawarra Women’s centre. In 2014 SCWC published ‘Seeking Horizons’ an anthology of short stories and poems by local authors, the book dedicated a chapter of touching and thought provoking writings submitted to an annual World AIDS Day competition. Their project collaboration provides valuable exposure for writers and public alike and a unique way to raise awareness around the topic of HIV and AIDS.

Outstanding achievement -Individual Award Winner: Dianne Nyoni first came to HARP’s attention when she spoke at ‘The Talk’ event at the Nan Tien Temple almost 6 years ago.  At that time, just one year in from learning of her HIV-positive status it was already apparent that Dianne was a passionate advocate for all positive people – and most importantly for HIV positive women, an often forgotten population in the Australian HIV-positive community.  Most striking among Dianne’s many great qualities is her ability to relay her story with dignity and sensitivity and to do so in such a way that it leaves all that hear her moved and compelled to change. Dianne has worked as an advocate for HIV positive women across a range of sector organisations in paid employment and in a voluntary capacity and has always found the time to support the work of HARP. Dianne is a joy to work with and HARP is always proud to present Dianne to our audiences that attend her presentations.

Congratulations again to all winners, and nominees. We feel honoured to be able to showcase your work, and celebrate your achievement.

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