The Disclosure Project

This web based resource is designed to help people living with HIV develop strategies and skills around disclosure from the lived experience of their peers. My FearDisclosure of your HIV status is deeply tied to personal identity and is a major act happening across the lifespan for people living with HIV (PLHIV). Before, during and after disclosure of an individual’s HIV status many PLHIV can feel apprehension, shame and/or other difficult emotions. In short, for PLHIV disclosure is often a significant, personal challenge.

My Voice
Disclosure performs a vital function for many PLHIV. It reclaims their diagnosis as their own narrative and establishes a ‘frame’ from which they can build strength and resilience.

My Choice
Imagine writing a script where the editing process never ends. The HIV disclosure scripts formulated in the minds of the PLHIV (where all possible and improbable endings) have been formulated but when the words are said out loud, its ‘performance’ changes yet again. The performance of disclosure commonly reverts to one of improvisation – an interplay between disclosure and how this is received. A PLHIV’s disclosure narrative is never fully written, fully said or indeed fully for every possible scenario; it alters with time, environment and context. Disclosure is about experiential learning.

CLICK HERE to view the disclosure project

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