Dept Human Services | Recipient Scams


An increasing number of scams targeting the department’s recipients are being reported. The purpose of a scam is usually to obtain personal information to facilitate identity fraud or to obtain money.

As well as causing harm due to identity compromise and financial loss, these incidents can result in a high level of distress for the individuals involved.

The department now provides support for individuals who have fallen victim to scammers or who have had their identity compromised.

Information for Recipients:

The department’s web site provides information and advice at   Scams and your online security along with a Beware of Scams  factsheet, available in a number of languages.

Please find attached information in a number of languages regarding Scams.

If you require additional languages please visit the Human Services website.

Scams – Arabic

scams – Italian

Scams – Macedonian

Scams – Persian(Farsi)

Scams – Spanish

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