Hepatitis & HIV webpage

Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District(ISLHD) Drug & Alcohol(D&A) Service has  a new Hepatitis & HIV webpage with information about new treatments.


  • Get tested if you have had a tattoo, piercing, inject(ed) drugs or steroids, had a surgical procedure overseas or had unprotected sex.
  • Symptoms of liver disease may not be felt until the liver is significantly scarred.
  • Nearly half of the people who have hepatitis B do not know they have it.
  • Without treatment, up to 25% will die from liver failure or liver cancer.

New treatment for Hepatitis C is:

  • more effective, resulting in a cure for over 95% of people
  • taken as tablets only with very few side-effects
  • medicines are available through the PBS

ISLHD Drug & Alcohol service have staff who can:

  • Discuss testing, medication or treatment for Hepatitis or HIV
  • Provide a health checkup/ test for Hep C or HIV with anyone who has a current or past Drug &Alcohol use history.
  • Potentially commence Hep C treatment

Phone 1300 652 226 to make an appointment or drop into The Orana Centre , 2 Rawson St, Wollongong on a Thursday morning

The First Step Program can provide information sessions for your staff or community/client groups. Phone 4275 1529.

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