What topics you would like to have “On the Couch”

On the Couch’ started in 2016 and runs five times per year as part of the HARP Unit’s event calendar.

Sessions run for two hours and the intention is to get up close and personal with a panel of speakers who are hosted by a facilitator on the subject area of sex and sexual health.

Previous topics have included: Sex and disability, living with HIV, Transgender, sex and ageing, and sex and young people.

Our intention is for this to be a safe space, but nonetheless, one where the audience can ask questions and engage freely.

We do not have a definitive outcome or message, but instead create the space for a civil conversation to take place.

The HARP team would like to hear what topics you would like to have for “On the Couch” in 2019. Yep we have to plan that far head.

If you have a topic in mind that you would like to know more about please let us know by taking this short(promise) survey. Click here to start.

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