Repair Cafe | Wollongong

Repair cafeThe National Disability Coordination Officer (NDCO) Program, together with Flourish Australia and Ability Links NSW are launching the first ever Repair Cafe in Wollongong next Friday 4th May.

Repair Café gives Illawarra locals a unique opportunity to have broken household items repaired for free, reduce the burden of waste on the environment and learn new skills in an inclusive supportive social environment.

We’re building on a worldwide movement to reform our throw away approach to possessions, and at the same time creating new ways to connect our community and share abilities.

We invite you to join us for the Wollongong Repair Café launch:

Flourish Australia, 3 Station St Wollongong

Friday 4th May, 10am

Please RSVP by return email

Follow us on Facebook Wollongong Repair Cafe Facebook Page

See more at

Repair Cafe Promotional Flyer May 4th_ [Read-Only] - Word

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