The Talk

Registrations are now open for ‘The Talk’ Tuesday 7th August from 9am till 4pm at Coolangatta Estate, Shoalhaven Heads.

The Talk takes participants on a journey thorough reflections on sex in society, an HIV and STI update, Growing up gay, LGBTI explained and an HIV positive speaker.

Now in its 7th year, The Talk continues to change to meet the ever evolving needs of workers.

Please click here to register. Lunch and refreshments provided.

What other people are saying about The Talk:

  • I have a clearer understanding in regards to STIs , and a deeper understanding on a more personal level in regards to people living with HIV and the struggles they face.
  • I now have the knowledge and resources that will assist me in assisting others.
  • Knowledge is power…and now I know better I can do better…be more understanding and empathetic.

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