Suicide prevention training (QPR online)

Suicide affects everyone & we all have a role to play in prevention

Nationally, more than 2x as many Australians die by suicide than die in car accidents.

In the Illawarra Shoalhaven, 35% of people who suicide are employed & employers/workplaces will need to play a role if we are going to prevent suicide.

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Protect your workforce

One simple thing workplaces can do is train their staff to help those around them who may be struggling with Question Persuade Refer (QPR) online. QPR is an evidence-based training which gives people the skills to recognise when someone may not be coping and the confidence to talk to that person as well as connect them with available supports.

This training is particularly relevant for people working in health & community sectors, where they are regularly coming into contact with vulnerable people who are at higher risk of suicide.

QPR only costs $10 per license, takes 1 hour to complete & can be done online – organisations are finding QPR to be a very feasible and affordable way to support their staff whilst doing their part to help prevent suicide.


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