The NSW Women’s Strategy 2018-2022 has just been launched!

NSW Women's Strategy_web_Facebook_1108x580The NSW Women’s Strategy 2018-2022 provides a whole-of-government, whole-of-community policy framework with the aim to improve the economic, social and physical wellbeing of women and girls across NSW.

Supported by the Year One Action Plan, (the first of four action plans) the Strategy will promote opportunities for women and girls across NSW under three priority areas:

  • Economic opportunity and advancement
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Participation and empowerment.

The NSW Women’s Strategy considers women’s diverse experiences of gender inequality and discrimination, informed by the views of community members, agencies and groups across NSW.

We all benefit when women and girls have full access to opportunity and choice, are healthy and are able to participate in all aspects of life freely and safely.

The launch of the NSW Women’s Strategy is another step forward for the people of NSW and will contribute to a society where women and men are respected and treated as equals.

To view the Strategy visit Women NSW

NSW Women’s Strategy 2018-2022

NSW Women’s Strategy 2018-2022_Year_One_Action Plan

NSW Women’s Strategy media release

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