Disability Awareness training

Disability aware

We are pleased to announce that we have enhanced both the content and accessibility of our Introduction to Disability Awareness training.

Over 3,000 people accessed the previous version, many providing overwhelmingly positive feedback. The updated training now features new and improved content, a Screen Reader version and additional features.

New features include:

  • Ability to provide organisations with details about their staff completing the training (when consent is provided by the staff member)
  • Website tracks uptake via geography (State & Territory) and is available worldwide,
  • Certificates of completion are automatically generated.

The Disability Awareness, eLearning training focuses on promoting an awareness of disability and the impact that societal attitudes and inherent stigma and discrimination have on the lives of people with disability and is organised into four modules:

Module 1 – What is Disability?

  • What does disability mean to you?
  • Perspectives of disability
  • Types of disability
  • Statistically speaking

Module 2 – Let’s talk about disability

  • Language & Terminology
  • Person First Language
  • Communication
  • Myths & Stereotypes

Module 3 – Legislation & Policy

  • Overview of legislative & policy framework
  • Stigma & Discrimination
  • Disability Disclosure

Module 4 – Disability in the Community

  • Disability & Education
  • Disability & Employment
  • Disability & Access
  • Disability & Justice
  • Fostering an inclusive community

The training is self-paced, free and is available to anyone at: www.disabilityawareness.com.au

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