Australia’s first digital body image program for boys


Reset vid

For schools, youth, sporting or activity groups 

Body dissatisfaction and eating disorders in males are on the rise. Eating disorders are serious mental health conditions that have the highest mortality rate of any psychiatric illness.

Why do your boys need this program?
RESET is about:

  • Raising awareness of body image issues in boys
  • Reducing stigma (it’s not just a ‘girl’ thing)
  • Helping boys to find their voice and ask for help.

RESET includes a 30 minute video featuring 11 young Australians and a facilitator guide to encourage conversations around body image, eating disorders and the importance of help-seeking.

For male or co-educational groups aged 13 – 18


What boys have to say

“I think it is dealing with a very important issue. When people talk about body image I think it is mostly centred around girls and women, however people do not seem to be aware that boys and men also experience pressures to look and behave in particular ways” (Alexander, age 14)

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