Chris & Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway

Sunday Night Takeway FlyerWe are currently looking for great people to be a part of our brand new show with Dr Chris Brown and Julia Morris called Chris & Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway for Channel 10.

I am contacting your organisation because we are in particular looking for extraordinary people; the selfless and tireless type who deserve all the credit in the world but may be reluctant to be put on a pedestal.

It’s not essential but ideally this person is a NSW based mother or grandmother who has done something great and/or are much loved by their family and community for everything they do. They will be a colourful character or have a “young at heart” attitude to life, someone who is down to earth and endearing – and importantly, someone who the viewers at home will love!

If you know of a perfect candidate then it would be great if you could go to the link to our application form; and fill in the details (in the ‘NOMINATE A HERO’ link) on behalf of this amazing person, or fill it in yourself if the above sounds like YOU!

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