Positioning Organisations for New Environments

PONECommunity Industry Group is pleased to announce the offering of Positioning Organisations for New Environments (PONE) Training in 2019.

PONE was developed in partnership by the federal and state governments together with not for profit organisations, as a resource to support organisations in the Home and Community Care Sector transition with recent and ongoing Aged Care and Disability reforms. PONE training offers a suite of modules that can be delivered together in a full day or as stand-alone units that provide a structured and reflective approach to governance, change management and organisational culture.

PONE provides resources and targets training to three specific groups across an organisation being:

  1. Managers, Programme Coordinators and Board Members
  2. Coordinators, Team Leaders and Case Managers
  3. Support Workers and Volunteers

PONE also has resources and training specifically developed for services working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and CALD communities, in addition to services working with mainstream communities.

To register your interest in PONE training or to find out more contact us on 4256 4333 or email info@cigroup.org.au.

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