Looking for an activity for a Youth Week 2019 that promotes Condom literacy?

HARP will provide:

  • A mannequin
  • A $100 Spotlight gift voucher
  • Expired red condoms

You(your service) will provide:

  • Creativity
  • Design
  • Construction

Some Inspo from previous years and Condom Couture from North Carolina:

Please reply to this EOI by Friday 8th February 2019 and the successful organisation will be advised week commencing 11th Feb when the mannequin, voucher and condoms will be delivered to your service to get started on the design and making of the outfit.

*The finished Condom Outfit will go on tour for approximately 10 weeks to community organisations acknowledging the makers provided that it is robust enough.

In an independent evaluation of the Condom Outfit in 2014 was proven to raise awareness of condom usage and encourage young people to visit sexual health clinics and GPs for testing. HARP intend to spark interest in and create an environment whereby Sexually Transmissible Infections (STIs) can be discussed, accepted and ultimately prevented without fear, myth, stigma or discrimination.  Such an open atmosphere will be a key to reducing the risk factors for STIs in the future.

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