My Forever Family

Please help My Forever Family NSW. In promoting the work they do recruiting, supporting and training carers through all steps of the foster care journey to make a difference in the lives of the thousands of children in the Australian out of home care system. 

The national figure for children and young people in out of home care is approximately 47,915, with 40% concentrated in New South Wales. We currently need at least 600 foster carers to ensure no child or young person is without a home.

My Forever Family NSW need your help to print out their ads and put them up in your public spaces to increase community awareness and bring forward the types of great carers we need.

There are many types of care available to parents and guardians- it’s not just limited to foster care! We’d love to raise awareness about the number of ways caregivers are able to provide a safe and stable home to children in need and can do so: with your help. 

To download a pdf version of our ads, click here.

My Forever Family connects potential foster carers with the appropriate foster care agency for that person. They are a NSW government funded program, working with FACs and all foster care agencies in the sector. To find out more about a foster care agency near you, please call 1300 782 975.

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