Create Your Future

In March 2019 the National Disability Coordination Office launched the short film series ‘Create Your Future – Personal stories of disability and cultural diversity in study and work’. We sent you links to and information about these films. We’d really like your feedback on how you are using the films to build aspiration of people with disability from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, and to encourage culturally safe, accessible and inclusive support services.

Please take 5 minutes to complete our short survey

Through social media and promotion through our networks, the films have reached over 50,000 people. The impact they are having can be summed up by some of the comments we’ve received: 

  • Inspirational! What a great story, Vitor. Love the showcase of Capoeira  absolutely our perception of the barriers in our life plays a big role in exploring our potential. You won’t know till you try.
  • Brave, courageous, a fighter and a believer in her own abilities and capacities to not just survive but excel! An inspiring life story of a wonderful proud person who beat the odds by gutsy hard work, determination, never-say-never attitude and a quest and yearning for knowledge and self-empowerment There are MANY pathways to tertiary education and further training and study. A brilliant case history and an inspirational account of one woman’s journey through the maze of our sometimes-ridiculous education system. Truly remarkable and testimony to how indigenous people can overcome adversity and give back to their community. A privilege to watch and share.
  • We need to hear, listen, see, experience their stories to understand and gain perspective of others’ lives.
  • I love her perspective that we give up on life by doubting ourselves. Really needed this today still trying to find work. So, thanks

The films remain freely available online at and we encourage you to use them.

Please do not hesitate to also provide written testimonials by return email or telephone if you prefer. 

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