NSW Indexation Campaign

A reminder that the indexation rate for FACS-funded community organisations has been set at a twenty year low of 1.75% for 2019/20, despite a mandated national wage increase of 3%.

This leaves community organisations with few options but to reduce staff working hours, cut services, and ultimately turn away people in need. It comes on top of complex reforms and significant changes to ways of doing business such as the implementation of NDIS. Meanwhile, demand for services continues to rise.

If the NSW government values the important services delivered by community organisations, it should be properly funding them to provide support and pay decent wages.

Community Industry Group has written to local members of parliament as well as the Premier, the Treasurer, and Ministers Ward and Tudehope.

We encourage you to also take this issue up with your local member and other community leaders. Template letters are available on our website here.

We also want to quantify exactly how much service will be lost to vulnerable people in South East NSW.

Please let us know what reductions you will be making as a result of this funding cut. Remember that a 1.25% difference between what you have to pay in wages growth and what you receive in indexation is $125 for every $10,000 you pay in wages. What are you cutting to cover this?

Phone: 4256 4333
Email: info@cigroup.org.au

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