Aboriginal Employment Recruitment & Retention Toolkit

Community Industry Group celebrated an incredibly proud moment when Stephen Jones MP launched the Attract Recognise Value Report and Toolkit on 2 September 2019.

Attract Recognise Value delves into the disconnect between the need for workers particularly in the aged and disability sectors, and the unemployment rate for Aboriginal people in Wollongong and Shoalhaven. The report is supported by a Toolkit to assist employers to build more culturally safe and culturally appropriate workplaces.

The project ensured local Aboriginal people were heard when discussing their future employment opportunities and was led by an experienced committee.

The toolkit is only available by attending the associated training.

Upon completion of the training participants will have a clear idea of how their organisation can develop meaningful engagement with Aboriginal Communities, improve recruitment and retention strategies for potential Aboriginal employees and create a culturally respectful, appropriate and safe working environment for Aboriginal people.

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