September | Illawarra Interagency

The Illawarra Interagency provides a forum for community organisations to build relationships, learn new skills and work collaboratively to improve outcomes for the Illawarra community. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in supporting the well-being of people who live, work or play in the Illawarra Region.


Next Meeting:

Thursday 3 October 2019
2pm – 4pm
Shellharbour Civic Centre
76 Cygnet Avenue (Cnr Cygnet and College Avenue)
Shellharbour City Centre

Child Protection in the Community | Changes to legislation – How could this affect you?

The NSW Government has made a commitment to protecting children in NSW. Part of this commitment is the implementation of standards on organisations that work with children to ensure that they are ‘Child Safe’.

Unlike the Working with Children Check, the Child Safe Standards are a whole of organisation approach to proactively protecting children who engage with services and local government in the community.

Harris Short from NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian will speak about why we have the new regulatory scheme, who is responsible for regulating the scheme and some of what the scheme is proposed to be.

The legislation from which the regulation will come, is currently before the NSW Parliament. His role is to help build capacity, so that Local Governments and their communities, can meet the standards.

We will also include a small panel of representatives from Commonwealth, State and local level for discussion and Q&A time.

Further information: | (02) 4221 6091

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